Lemongrass Café
"A chef’s work isn’t a success until the plates come back empty."            
-Chef Fah



Chef Fah attended the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in Hyde Park, NY where she was the Assistant Chef. She also received intense training under the wing of Chef Tim Keating at the Four Seasons of Houston. Other restaurants she has trained at include Brennan’s of Houston and Rustic Oak in Houston, TX, and at The Dynasty in Temple, TX.


Chef Fah is the heart and soul of Lemongrass Cafe.  She carefully inspects every plate that returns to her kitchen with the same scrutiny as when the plate first went out. Why? As she often says, a chef’s work isn’t a success until the plates come back empty.

Chef Fah is ever mindful of this because not only is it a indicator of how successful her dishes are, but also because she derives joy with every empty plate as any true chef would. To put it simply, it makes the long exhausting hours worthwhile. 

Her reverence for the culinary arts began long ago. As a young child growing up in the lush green hills of Thailand, her fondest childhood memory was sneaking out during naptime to watch the cooks in the school’s busy kitchen. It was there that she delighted in watching the cooks in their white aprons working in synchrony while stirring steaming vats of boiling soups and hearing the chop, chop, chop of steel knives slicing through bright green vegetables with amazing speed.

She didn’t start thinking about pursuing a career in the culinary arts until she came to the United States. Originally she came to pursue a career in business, but much to her family’s dismay she decided to take a gamble and pursue what she truly loved: cooking, creating, and making edible art. From her passion, Lemongrass Café was born.