Dear Parents,

It can be hard to find healthier food options for kids when dining out, but don't worry! All of my kid tested menu items craftily incorporate vegetables and fiber in ways your kids will enjoy (they might not even notice).  These meals are hand made with love in small batches especially for kids, so no adults please!

 -Chef Fah


Mac' N Cheese PLease

macaroni and cheese laden full of edamame beans and cauliflower



Super Power Pizza

Delicious cheese pizza with crunchy whole wheat bran puffs, cauliflower, edamame, and mushrooms sneaked inside



Chicken Crunchies

Organic chicken tenders made by hand dipping each piece in a batter made of mixed vegetable puree and whole wheat flour. Each piece is then rolled in high fiber wheat bran puffs and whole wheat bread crumbs for that crispy crunch kids love. Served with lightly seasoned garden rotini pasta.



Mighty Mighty Meatballs

These premium organic ground beef meatballs are carefully stuffed with sautéed organic spinach to pack some extra nutrition with each bite. This is a labor intensive twist on a simple dish. Meatballs are cooked in a house tomato sauce and comes with a side of lightly seasoned garden rotini pasta. 



Captain Moore's Shrimp Biscuits

Inspired by a long time patron, Chef Fan created a scrumptious shrimp biscuit in his honor. Each biscuit is filled with fresh ground shrimp and vegetables and dipped in batter made with vegetable puree and then rolled in whole wheat bread crumbs and sesame seeds. Served with lightly seasoned garden rotini pasta.