(Please call Lemongrass Cafe if you have any allergy concerns.)


Triple Mousse $6.50

A triple chocolate treat with layers of decadent dark, milk, and white belgian chocolate mousse topped with white chocolate shavings


Strawberry Shortcake $7.50

Warm short cake filled with vanilla bean whipped cream along with fresh strawberry compote, dusted with powdered sugar and served with a French Tuille


French Macaron (individual)  $1.75   (box)  $9.50

Ground Almond, Pistachio, White Chocolate, Lemon, Dark Chocolate, Raspberry


Key Lime Tart $6.95

Sweet and tart key lime curd in shortbread crust, topped with vanilla bean whipped cream


White Chocolate Bread Pudding $6.95  

Italian torta bread, raisin, Belgian white chocolate, and custard mix, served with fresh vanilla bean whipped cream and homemade butter-caramel candied pecans

Royale Mousse  $6.50

A rich crème brûlée inside a delicious chocolate mousse atop a moist chocolate cake


Salted Caramel Crêpe Cake $6.95

Layers of homemade crêpes and caramel-mascarpone cream with a hint of Fleur de Sel


Orange Cake  $6.95

Moist chiffon cake with butter-tangerine filling and orange glaze


Cappuccino Mousse  $5.95

Smooth cappuccino mousse atop a perfectly brewed espresso sponge cake with a petite white chocolate coffee bean topping


Lemon Tart  $6.95

Fresh squeezed lemon juice is made into a creamy lemon curd that fills a 4 inch shortbread tart, topped with an Italian meringue 


Pecan Cookie Cups (each)  $1.75  (box)  $4.99 (case=25 boxes) $120

Buttery crunchy cookie cup filled top to bottom with sweet pecans balanced with a hint of sea salt. Made from scratch with real honey, organic butter, & pecans.


New York Cheesecake with Homemade Raspberry Sauce  $5.95

A traditional New York cheesecake made from rich smooth cream cheese in a buttery graham cracker crust


Tiramisu  $6.50

Layers of mascarpone mousse, Italian espresso, and coffee sponge cake, lightly dusted with coco powder


Chocolate Truffle Marquise  $6.50

A decadent dark truffle mousse, with hints of hazelnut, garnished with a chocolate bar and hazelnut


Chocolate Molten with Vanilla Ice Cream $8.00

Rich chocolate lava cake with cointreau-orange melted chocolate, served with vanilla ice cream. Baked per order


Ginger Creme Brûlée  $6.95

A rich custard with a hint of ginger and a crispy burnt sugar crust, topped with fresh berries and a vanilla tuille


Coconut Passion Fruit Mousse  $5.95

Layers of smooth creamy Thai coconut milk and tangy passion fruit jelly


Sweet Strawberry Shake $4.95


Vanilla Bean Shake $4.95


Belgian Chocolate Shake $4.95


Vanilla Ice Cream  $5.00