Sweet Potato Fries

served with our crowd-pleasing cilantro-jalapeño dipping sauce



Edamame with Sea Salt

firm, sweet asian soy beans in their natural shells



Handmade Plantain Chips

served with our handmade chimichurri sauce





Thai Ceviche

shrimp, bay scallops, calamari, red onions, bell peppers, cilantro, and fresh squeezed lime juice



Curry Crab Firecrackers

fried crispy rolls filled with curried crab meat. Served with a side of cilantro-jalapeño verdi mayonnaise



Lemongrass Pork Skewers

succulent pork marinated with lemongrass and grilled for a rich robust flavor, served with a shallot-tamarind sauce



Pan-Fried Dumplings

Chinese-style wonton-wrapped dumplings stuffed with chicken and cabbage, served with a chili-soy vinaigrette

$5.95 (6 pieces) $9.95 (12 pieces)


Siu Mai

Chinese-style steamed open-faced dumplings filled with minced chicken, served with a sweet & spicy soy sauce





Clam Miso

Japanese broth with wakame seaweed, tofu, mushrooms and scallions



Tri-Mushroom Consommé

shiitake, porcini, and woodear mushroom ravioli in a light and delicate roasted vegetable broth



Soup of the Day

please ask for today's special



Soup Trio

a sample of each soup





Kataifi-Wrapped Shrimp Salad

juicy tiger shrimp stuffed with bacon and swaddled in a crispy noodle pastry served on a bed of organic artisan lettuce with a sweet tamarind sauce



Caesar Salad

crisp young hearts of romaine, pesto croutons and parmigiano-reggiano with caesar dressing



Grilled Salmon Salad

fresh romaine lettuce, avocado, oranges and grape tomatoes with lemongrass-citrus vinaigrette



Organic Salad

organic artisan lettuce, fresh strawberries, kiwi, oranges and grape tomatoes grown on pesticide free farms with a refreshing hand-made lemon oil vinaigrette



Siam Lime Beef Salad

grilled beef tenderloin, hearts of romaine, grape tomatoes, red onions and organic mint with chili-lime vinaigrette



Green Papaya Salad

fresh shredded young papaya and grape tomatoes in a lime vinaigrette



Gorgonzola Salad

crispy baked gorgonzola dolce pouch, organic artisan lettuce and candied walnuts with a roasted asian pear vinaigrette





Lemongrass BBQ Pork Sandwich

grilled Vietnamese-style marinated pork, pickled carrots, Japanese mayo, cilantro and jalapeño on a French baguette, served with grilled pesto vegetables



Agedashi Tofu Provolone Wrap

crisp sesame-panko crusted tofu, pickled carrots, baby corn, grilled portobello and flour tortilla, served with a side of dashi-tsuyu sauce and sweet potato fries



Massaman Chicken Curry

tender chicken breast and leg stewed in a sweet curry with zucchini, carrots, onions, tomatoes and toasted peanuts, served with steamed rice



Beef Satay Wrap

grilled marinated skirt steak, romaine lettuce, cucumbers, red onions and peanut sauce, served with a side of sweet potato fries



Pepper Tuna Steak Sandwich

seared black pepper-garlic crusted Ahi tuna with lettuce, tomatoes and cilantro-jalapeño verdi on rustic focaccia, served with a side of sweet potato fries



Chicken Avocado Sandwich

grilled herb-marinated chicken breast, avocado, tomato, bacon, red pepper aïoli on hearty white bread, served with a side of sweet potato fries



Five Spice Duck Noodle Soup

slow-cooked duck leg, soy sauce flavored egg, carrots, baby bok choy and scallions in a five spice broth



Kobe Beef Burger

half pound of Kobe beef cooked well done with melted gorgonzola cheese, caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato and bacon in a country wheat bun, served with a side of grilled pesto vegetables



Sesame Chicken Milanaise

pan-fried panko-crusted chicken with lemon beurre blanc sauce, served with organic salad



Vegetable Napolean

a layered rainbow of grilled vegetables, parmesan and silken tofu baked with a garlic-tomato sauce and accompanied by a parmesan puff



Lemongrass Pizza

thin-crust pizza topped with savory chicken, Tom Yum spices, fresh herbs, mushroom, tomato and mozzarella



Lemongrass Café Pad Thai

choice of shrimp, chicken or smoked tofu stir-fried with flat rice noodles and served wrapped in an egg crêpe Japanese-style, topped with bean sprouts, peanuts and spicy Sriracha sauce



Sides & Extras


Steamed Jasmine Rice


Steamed Brocoli


Grilled Shrimp (6 tails)


Grilled Salmon 4-oz


Seared Tuna 4-oz


Blossom Roll


Sautéed Baby Bok Choy


Grilled Chicken Breast 4-oz


Grilled Pesto Vegetables


Handmade Dressing/Sauce